Experience The Off Road Adventure Of A Lifetime

Dirt Bike Tours Ireland excel at providing Off and On-Road Guided Tours in the Donegal mountains and surrounding area. We aim to give you the ultimate off-road bike experience of a lifetime and to give you enough challenge without taking you completely out of your comfort zone!

Novice or pro. It's great.

We where a small group, 3 lads. 1 of us was very experienced, I am a road bike driver for 20 odd years but never went off road and the 3rd had never been on a bike at all! Within 20 mins Paul had us up and running with the 3rd guy flying around on a 250 without a bother.

Paul brought us around the mountains and challenged us based on our experience and pushed us a little out of the comfort zone, it was very laid back and safe, as long as ye listen to Paul, the man knows this place like the back of his hand.

I will 100% be back for more. Great day, the bikes never faulted us even though we gave them a fair hammering.

This is great craic for all. If you’ve never been on a bike or are a pro! Do it. You won’t be disappointed.